Trottenden Oast, Lidwells Lane, Goudhurst Kent TN17 1ES

Wordsworth House

This listed building in Ticehurst, has for hundreds of years, been two business premises. Anything from a gardening shop to a solicitors. Originally of course it was just one house, and while our clients were living in the property and had been for a number of years, they wanted it put back to how it was originally. The two doors, floor to ceiling windows and internal division didn't make for a comfortable and enjoyable front room.

Removing the front of the house wasn't that much of a challenge, but we had to take into account that the clients would still be living in the property while all the work was carried out.


Quite often with a building this age, it makes sense and is quite often necessary to go that bit further while the work is being carried out, so we stripped the tiles off from the top half of the building in order to insulate, re-felt, restore the windows and re-hang the tiles.


The next stage was to build the new bays and rebuild the brick work in order to make the new door central to the property.


From here the rest of the job was relatively simple - fit the new bay windows and door, re-fit the original hand rails for the steps, have the lead fitted on the roof above the bays and over the door then finish. While we were there, the client also asked us to do some decorating inside their new living room and lay a new floor.



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