Trottenden Oast, Lidwells Lane, Goudhurst Kent TN17 1ES


Lindridge is a house we've been back to various times over the years, to undertake different projects for these clients. On this occasion, it was to knock two rooms into one, in order to make a much larger and more useable space, which the client wanted to turn into a dining/living area.

The first step was to strip back the plaster from the wall that we were due to remove to have a proper look at what we were dealing with. The wall itself was load bearing (or was meant to be); the oak was rotten through and all the brick work was live.

As required, we called our structural engineer so he could visit and draw us a schematic of what needed to be done.



With the wall gone and beam supported we began building the stud work in order to straighten up and insulate all the internal brick walls. Once we had the drawings back from the engineer we could begin work on the supporting structure.


The supporting structure consisted of four oak columns spaced equally under the main cross-beam. The foundations for the columns were dug to 1m deep and 1/2m square. While working on refurbishing the inglenook fireplace, we discovered some celling joists that were barely supported, so added some more structural oak. It's common while working on a listed property of this age, that you find additional works to be carried out.


When the first fix on the wiring and the plumbing was completed, all the walls could be closed up and insulated. The next task was the floor and the client had chosen a large stone slab, which worked brilliantly with the oak and large dining table they had for the room.


With the structural work done, walls repaired and flooring laid, our finishing tasks were to second fix on the electrics and plumbing, decorate and refurbish all the existing oak in the room.



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